Rosette Winners Gallery

These are just a few of our rosette winners showing off their Why Not Bitless Rosettes. 

If you would like your rosette picture to be displayed on the gallery, upload them here.

Think I shared this one before. Tara at a dressage competition earlier this year wearing her orbitless bridle! She was
The show was a lot of fun and I had no problems bitless. Because it is show jumping I had
Friendly supportive dressage competition. Bitless accepted no questions asked. Intro and prelim classes. Running a winter league.
I have ridden in the klass M2 and now i can go to the klass Z. But the FEI doens’t
On Equiday we joint the demonstration on how you can work with your horse in extreme situations and obstacels. There
I often join organized rides through beautiful nature reserves and big forests. I don't enter at many competitions but we
We placed 2nd in out Crossrail Jumpers (speed round) and 3rd in Crossrail jumpers (jump-off). This was Sweetie’s first show
I competed in both dressage and jumpers (.80-.90cm) at this 3-day show. Next year I plan not only to compete
We have been competing bitless in dressage events for three years. Most of the events we have attended have been
We did our very first local horse show. He won 2 1st place and 1 2nd place Ribbon. We did