Rosette Winners Gallery

These are just a few of our rosette winners showing off their Why Not Bitless Rosettes. 

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I hope you'll accept our bit less entry! We show jumped all year bridleless and are hoping we qualified for
The shows at Rattlewood are very open to bitless! Depending on the judge I either get a comment or "on
Saint Sonia and I came third in our first ever dressage test. Only bitless competitor. We also did two rounds
Hori and I have been out competing bitless in Dumfries and Galloway all summer while on holiday at various events
First place awarded with 91%! Riding bitless was very much encouraged and points were deducted if you rode in a
Lomax sporting his winners entry rosette for Why not bitless
Here is Jarlhetta sporting her fabulous Why Not Bitless rosette and her Orbitless bridle
Tumbleweed’s first show, my first show bitless and my first blue ribbon!