Rosette Winners Gallery

These are just a few of our rosette winners showing off their Why Not Bitless Rosettes. 

If you would like your rosette picture to be displayed on the gallery, upload them here.

Who would have thought it would be so hard to get a pic of the two of them with the
After quite a bit of faffing, dropping of ribbons and making of funny faces we finally succeeded in getting a
This mare is also ridden without any gear and is responsive and calm. She has never had a bit in
Breo and I had a fantastic weekend at the Baroque Horse Festival, we competed in Horsemanship skill at arms courses
Imán showing off his rosette after he did such a fabulous job at the Pachesham Iberian festival!
More training for Tara! This time we went with my friend on her young horse. Tara was very very excited
Training again at another equestrian centre, my mother gave me a lesson and was really impressed with Taras progress. She
Can't remember the exact date, i took Tara training at an equestrian centre! She jumped all the scary jumps with
We did a hunter trial bitless! Wveryone commented on how lovely it was that she didnt have to wear a